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3D Dim Sum 8" Print

3D Dim Sum 8" Print

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Let's go yum cha (飲茶/drink tea)! 🍵 Getting dim sum (點心) with friends and family is one of the activities I miss the most during the pandemic. It's a time of coming together and sharing food—the ultimate act of love and camaraderie.

Carts are piled high with steaming hot dishes and pushed by old ladies that aggressively call you leng lui (靚女 pretty girl) or leng jai (靚仔 handsome boy) to persuade you to buy something from their cart. You and your cousin are given the stamp card to hunt down the coveted ha churng (虾肠/shrimp rice noodle roll) since it's always sold out by the time the cart gets to your table. Dad tells you to bring back some si jap hin (豉汁蜆/clams in black bean sauce) while you're out there. When it comes time to get the bill, war breaks out between the elders as they fight over who gets to pay. But big auntie already "went to the bathroom" 20 mins ago and beat everyone to the punch. 😉

3D Artwork created in Cinema 4D and Photoshop

*Product image has a watermark. Actual product will not include the watermark.

8" / 20.32 cm square print
High quality card stock
Printed by TK Printing, an Asian family owned business in Brooklyn, NY

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